This is your Special Day. I want you to have the Wedding Ceremony you always dreamed of and that fits your personality, the style of wedding you envision and your budget.  Brief or rich with inspirations and readings, I will tailor the ceremony to your desires. Below is a general list of packages from elopements (just the two of you) and intimate weddings (less than 15 ppl) to large scale weddings where customization is very important to you.

Wedding Ceremonies

Basic Ceremony

Personalized, Affordable, Simple, Meaningful

If you are looking for a basic ceremony that is beautifully written and reflects your values, visions and feelings for each other…this is the way to go. The wording and format is similar to the Elopement Ceremony, yet allows for a processional and recessional and a couple additional readings.  The Basic Ceremony is designed for couples who’s wedding includes: over 15 guests, a small wedding party, processional/recessional and music.  This ceremony lasts approximately 15-20 minutes (in addition to the processional time) and includes the following:

Basic Ceremony Components:

  • Processional
  • Opening words
  • Statement of Intention (the “I do’s”)
  • Vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • 1-2 Special Readings
  • Final blessing
  • Pronouncement of the couple as husband and wife
  • The Kiss
  • Recessional
  • Signing of the marriage license

This Service Includes:

  • Personalized Ceremony
  • Pre-wedding phone and/or email consultation
  • Less than 65 guests
  • Performing of ceremony
  • Arrival of officiant 15 minutes prior to start of ceremony
  • Signing of the Marriage License
  • Filing of license
  • A copy of your ceremony

What’s not included:

The Basic Ceremony provides for telephone and email consultations only. An in-person meeting is not necessary for this level of service but can be arranged if requested.  If you desire a highly customized ceremony, or wish to meet in person prior to the ceremony, then I suggest the Full Monty Custom Ceremony. Rehearsals for the Basic Ceremony are an additional fee.


Pricing for the Basic Ceremony begins at $400. Actual price depends on ceremony customization, length, ceremony and location, processional, rehearsal needs, help with writing your own vows and any additional components included. Please fill out the booking questionnaire, email or call to get a quote.


Custom Ceremony… Creative & Personal

You have all these great ideas for how you want your ceremony to look and feel. You may have a couple people you want to include in the ceremony. There are some family, cultural or religious traditions you want to include. The Full Monty Custom Ceremony is where we work together to create an amazing ceremony that has all the components included that you want to make your ceremony extra special and memorable for you and your guests. The ceremony usually lasts 20-30 minutes and includes extra readings or traditions that are in addition to the components of the Basic Ceremony. During the creation of your ceremony, we will spend time together in person, Skype and email so we are very comfortable with each other and feel a nice connection develop through the process of creating your wedding ceremony together.

Ceremony includes:

  • Processional
  • Opening words
  • Statement of Intention (the “I do’s”)
  • Vows
  • Exchange of rings
  • Readings, special traditions and additional ceremony ad ons
  • Final blessing
  • Pronouncement of the couple as husband and wife
  • The Kiss!
  • Recessional
  • Signing of the marriage license

Service includes:

  • In person or Skype get to know you meeting
  • Ceremony questionnaire
  • Unlimited email or phone conversations to work together to dial in the ceremony
  • Custom written ceremony with all the basic ceremony elements plus your special unique additions
  • Ceremony Rehearsal
  • Arrival of officiant 30 minutes prior to ceremony
  • Performing of ceremony
  • Filing of marriage license
  • Copy of the Ceremony


Pricing for the Full Monty ~ Custom Ceremony begins at $650. Final price depends on your ceremony and rehearsal location, wedding party size and depth of customization. Please contact Leslie for an exact quote.

Elopements & Intimate Weddings

Want your special day to be just between the two of you? Or maybe you only want a few family members to witness your vows. Consider my elopement ceremony to make your intimate wedding a memory that you will treasure. Here are a couple options to choose from.

Personalized Elopement ~ Short & Sweet:

This service is the perfect alternative to the courthouse wedding where you want to have the ceremony in a casual setting with no wedding party or processional/recessional.  If you live locally or in another part of the country and are considering a brief ceremony followed by a honeymoon in a breathtaking mountain or coastal location, then this option may be right for you.

The Short and Sweet Personalized Elopement Ceremony lasts approximately 10 minutes and includes the following: opening words, statement of intention (the “I do’s”), vows, an exchange of rings, the signing of the marriage license, final blessing, pronouncement and a kiss!   In addition, it also includes some customization, personalizing to the bride and groom and 1-2 special readings. Pricing for the Personalized Elopement Ceremony begins at $300 and is determined by location, how much (or little) advance notice given, number of guests and any customizing of the ceremony script that you might want. Email or call for an exact quote. 


  • Personalized Short and Sweet Ceremony
  • Up to 15 guests
  • No wedding party
  • Performing of ceremony by Summit Celebrant
  • Arrival of officiant 15 minutes prior to start of ceremony

What’s not included:

If you are envisioning a more formal ceremony (including a  processional, seated guests, a wedding party and more than 15 guests) then I suggest the Basic Ceremony or Full Monty.

Vow Renewal

It’s been one year or 30 and you want to re-proclaim your love and commitment to each another with a short and sweet ceremony. Together we will create a meaningful and impactful vow renewal ceremony to mark this special occasion.  You will create your own vows and then choose from a couple options of pre-scripted ceremonies that resonate with you.  Ceremony last approximately 10 minutes and fees start at $250.

Let me know if you’d like a whole package put together for your special day: Lodging, officiant, photographer, bubbly, mini cake or cheese and chocolate platter, massages or other services to complete your special day.

Ceremony Fees:

Rates are listed here to give you a general idea of what your ceremony might cost you. Rates are relative to the individual details of your specific event. Service fees are based on: the degree of customization, ceremony length, ceremony location and date (holiday or non-holiday), wedding party size, how far in advance booking was made and rehearsal needs. Please use the Booking Form to obtain a quote for your ceremony. For details on the services available, click on individual service you are interested in.

Ceremony Rates start at:

Smaller Wedding: $450 – The Classic Customized Ceremony and Small Wedding Party ~ Personalization

Larger Wedding: $650 – The Full Monty, Large Wedding Party Highly Customized and Creative ~ includes rehearsal

Intimate Wedding: $350 – Personalized Ceremony, Less than 15 guests and no wedding party

Elopements and Vow Renewals: $250 – Choose your prewritten script – no guests, no customization

Travel Fees:

  • Please inquire for your specific area
  • Backcountry and ski area weddings ~ additional fees may apply
  • Travel Fees for each area: Eagle County: $75 Denver/Boulder/Winter Park: $150 Colo Springs, Aspen, Estes Park: $250

How we work together:

We start with a Phone/Skype or in person interview so we can get to know one another.  As soon as you are ready to secure your date with me, I will send you a contract that outlines my services so you know what to expect.  You will be asked to complete my questionnaire, which I use in part to create your ceremony.  If needed, we will communicate via email until we dial in the ceremony that best fits your personalities and visions. Your ceremony will be available to you for your feedback and comments, additions, deletions, or whatever tweaks need to be made until the day of the ceremony.

Please email us at summitcelebrant@gmail.com

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