Alternative and traditional Wedding Ceremonies. Highly Personalized civil, secular, non-denominational, spiritual and interfaith ceremonies.

Leslie will perform highly personalized civil, secular, non-denominational, spiritual and interfaith wedding ceremonies.

Together she will create a wedding ceremony that reflects the beliefs and traditions that are significant to you as a couple.

Her clients often explain to her that they are spiritual but not religious.  Some of them express the desire for a well-orchestrated ceremony that will serve to create a connection between two or more cultures and wedding traditions.  An artful ceremony helps your families and guests to appreciate the significance of the event so that something meaningful is experienced by all.

As a Celebrant, Leslie is well trained to help you bridge the different aspects of the traditions that you would like to honor.

Every ceremony she creates takes on the character, attitude, and spirit of the couple themselves.

Whether you are relaxed or reserved, spiritual, non-religious, or trying to piece together elements of several religious and cultural traditions, your ceremony will be a distinctive and true reflection of you.

Whether the ceremony is long-lasting or short and sweet– your wedding will be authentic and personal.

As a wedding minister who is not affiliated with a specific religious tradition, Leslie is not restricted by any conventional wedding ceremony restrictions. There is no counseling requirement or church membership involved. She has the autonomy to create a very secular wedding that is made warm and personal by elements of your choice.

The character of your ceremony and the spiritual elements that you decide to incorporate or exclude are determined only by your preferences.  She will listen to you and use your exact words and sentiments to create the wedding ceremony that best suits you.

As an ordained minister, She is endowed with the authority to perform legally binding wedding ceremonies.  If you select her as your wedding minister, your marriage will be legal.

Whether you are seeking a spiritual but non-religious, secular or civil wedding or you are looking for an alternative to a pared down, impersonal courthouse ceremony, she will work with the two of you together to decide and create exactly what you are looking for.

~Professional Destination Wedding Officiant~

Creative & Inspiring Ceremonies crafted uniquely for the bride and groom

Professional, Personable, Accommodating

Contemporary, Interfaith, Non-denominational, Spiritual

Elopements to large~scale weddings preformed at virtually any location



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