Yoga Classes

Start the day off on the right foot  with a Yoga/Relaxation Session

Customized private yoga classes for the Bride and Groom,Wedding party, Bachelorette party and/or all your Wedding guests

Relax, de-stress and rejuvenate before your wedding, bachelorette party or during the honeymoon.  Yoga provides an opportunity to tune in and celebrate what is in front of us. It offers a way to reconnect to our bodies and a pathway to calm the mind. As we reunite with our inner self, the true shining self, we bring the best parts of ourselves to the forefront.

Using breath, movement and stretching, Leslie can help you relax, center, rejuvenate and energize for any occasion. Yoga can also be a way to mindfully set an intention for your wedding as well as to share a special experience with your fiancée or your close friends and family.

Yoga is accessible for all ages and abilities. Choose your style of class in the comfort of your home, rental or hotel. No experience is necessary. One hour private yoga classes start at $125 for just the two of you. For a group, price will vary based on location and numbers in attendance. It will generally run $20-$25 per person. Mats are included.

To arrange a special class for you and your guests: or 970-389-9654

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